GBAN Co-Chair Visits Peruvian Angel Ecosystem
Photo Credit: John May
9 Jun 2017

The entrepreneurial ecosystem in Peru is gaining momentum. One component that is showing signs of progress is the angel group movement.

John May, co-chair of the Global Business Angel Network, was a speaker and held meetings with various constituents at the inaugural meeting of the Peruvian Association of Seed and Entrepreneurial Capital (PECAP) on May 17. This community gathering of five angel groups and other member of the small business world was held at the Swiss Ambassador’s residence in Lima.

Individual angels, supporting contractor SwissConnect, and members of the university and governmental community attended. During his trip to Peru, May was able to visit accelerators, individual Super Angels, and ecosystem members. His focus was sharing experiences of more developed angel communities on co-investing techniques, provide an overview of networks, fund and group building, and more specifically avoiding mistakes made in the past in order to make a more efficient marketplace.

He was facilitated by the SwissConnect program that is providing assistance to the Peruvian entrepreneurial ecosystem with a multi-year grant. May was impressed with the progress in Peru since his 2015 visit to meet angels, then the chairman emeritus of the Angel Capital Association of the USA.

“The Federation’s development bodes well for increased investment flow into start ups and facilitating  more  angel activity in this  growing economy,” he said.

John May

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