GEC+Taipei to Tackle AI and IOT in Late September
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10 Aug 2018

The Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA), part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) announced that it will host GEC+Taipei, gathering entrepreneurs, policymakers, educators and other startup champions. The theme of the event is "Enabling Social Impact with AI + IoT," focusing on the use of smart technology applications to accelerate innovation and the digital transformation of startups and SMEs, as well as promoting sustainable development of the global digital economy. 

GEC+Taipei will take place at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) from September 26-29, and will feature a series of events to celebrate entrepreneurs’ creativity and innovation in the region.

An international press conference hosted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs featured distinguished guests from the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), Minister without Portfolio Audrey Tang, and Vice Minister of the MOEA, Ming-Hsin Kung, as well as leaders of local startup ecosystems. 

The GEC+ series of events emerged from the Global Entrepreneurship Congress – a massive gathering of startup champions dedicated to building and strengthening entrepreneurial ecosystems in more than 170 countries. The growth of the event over the past 10 years has created demand for more in-depth collaboration on a range of issues and the GEC+ series was developed to address that demand.

Previous events in the series include: GEC+Daegu in South Korea, GEC+CapeTown in South Africa and GEC+Bangkok in Thailand.  

GEC+Taipei will feature a number of sessions, forums, pitch events and a Linkou Startup Terrace Tour focusing on insights and inspiration sharing in eight key areas: future startup ecosystems; smart cities and towns; smart enterprises; cross-sector innovation; digital health and smart healthcare solutions; IoT and smart manufacturing; and blockchain. 

As Dr. Ming-Ji Wu, director general of SMEA, MOEA pointed out, GEC+ Taipei will be a critical platform connecting local startup communities with the world. More than 400 government delegates, industrial leaders, academics, policymakers, and entrepreneurs will explore exciting new thinking, research insights for understanding the entrepreneurial mindset and showcase best practices for creating social impact through creativity, innovation, and cutting-edge technology.  

GEC+Taipei will take place in conjunction with Taiwan Innotech Expo (TIE), featuring a tech summit as part of the forums and R&D highlights from government-sponsored research institutes. In addition, the organizers behind TIE and GEC+Taipei will co-organize a week-long series of international pitch events promoting local startups to facilitate the growth of regional startup ecosystems.

GEC+Taipei has received strong support from the Cabinet’s Board of Science and Technology (BOST) to explore business partnership and collaboration opportunities in Asia, especially with ASEAN countries. As a result, GEC+Taipei is a joint effort between governmental agencies, including the MOEA, local startup incubation centers, industry leaders including Chunghwa Telecom, as well as academics and research institutes including ITRI, III, and DCB, as well as the artificial intelligence R&D centers of leading universities.


Jonathan Ortmans, president of the Global Entrepreneurship Network, recorded an address for Friday's press conference, which you can watch below:

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