Kuo Leading the Way in Taipei
Wray Bradner
15 Aug 2018

As preparations are underway for GEC+Taipei, an event examining the social impact of artificial intelligence and the internet of things, David Kuo, the acting managing director of GEN Taiwan, has been working to expand collaboration among the region’s entrepreneurship ecosystem leaders.

Kuo was appointed in May 2017 by the Global Entrepreneurship Network to guide the development of GEN Taiwan. 

“Co-creation and inclusiveness are and will be one of the core values of GEN Taiwan in pursuit of building a global entrepreneurial ecosystem in the digital economy — and will work to connect us to Asia and the rest of the world,” said Kuo.

One group that Kuo has been integrating into the ecosystem is the government in Taipei. For the past six months, he has been working closely with the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, in the planning and preparation for GEC+Taipaei which will be held from September 26-29.

At the global level, GEN operates in more than 170 economies. It fuels healthier start and scale ecosystems by fostering deeper cross-border collaboration and initiatives that engage entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, researchers and entrepreneurship support organizations.

GEN Taiwan is working to not only strengthen the local and regional entrepreneurship ecosystems, but to help create an economic model for sustainable development by encouraging innovation and job creation.

GEN Taiwan aims to strengthen the ecosystem by focusing on:

  • Developing an economic model for sustainable development through encouraging innovation and job creation;
  • Working to realize the economy’s potential as a leading digital nation;
  • Focusing on developing the digital economy and emphasize increasing support for expanding the ecosystem’s Internet of Things market;
  • Networking with other economies around the world to field best practices within entrepreneurship and tech ecosystems, and work to become an innovative startup destination for young Asians; and
  • Cultivating innovative talent and helping guide policymaking bodies in creating a friendly startup environment.

Kuo brings a wealth of experience to the position as an early-stage startup mentor and angel investor. He has launched several programs to accelerate go-to market processes for local and international startups. 


In Tallinn, Estonia at the 2017 Startup Nations Summit, Kuo talked about the region's startup ecosystem and his involvement with GEN and Global Entrepreneurship Week celebrations. 



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