GEN Academy for Entrepreneurs


  • Startups are your ecosystem’s lifeblood. Startup ecosystems require a deeply planned patchwork of programs capable of supporting entrepreneurs at their current stage/need. GEN Accelerates works to support startup entrepreneurs at all five (5) stages through the development of acceleration and incubation programs combined with semi-structured and network-driven programming to ensure holistic support.


  • SMEs outnumber startups in almost every global ecosystem, but ESOs and governments are rarely aligning programming to the interplay between startup ecosystems and SMEs. Through GEN Accelerates network, support is provided to SMEs instilling prioritization of sustainability, process improvement and innovation.


  • Trade Promotion Organizations and ESOs with portfolio companies fitting the profile for exponential growth can benefit from GEN Accelerates programming. Working with rapidly growing companies is a major challenge. GEN Accelerates has done extensive global work addressing the needs of these scaleups. If companies are on the cusp of scaling-up, it’s just as critical to create unique programs capable of taking these startups to the next level.


Due Diligence Preparation

Help your companies become effective at the time of review. Enterprises seeking investment will invariably fall into a due-diligence trap without adequate training to what levels of documentation and disclosures are needed to receive angel, seed, or venture capital. This highly customized program track offered by GEN Academy will also connect enterprises to local investors as mentors as another level of support to ensure quality.

  • Diligence Certified: Seed
    • Is your company planning to raise seed capital? GEN Academy’s Diligence Certified: Seed program is a validation mark for startups entering this phase. Get your diligence materials, decks, and other assets in order to be ready for your first meetings.
  • DIligence Certified: Series A/B
    • Your company is scaling rapidly and is now looking for traditional venture capital. With GEN Academy’s Diligence Certified: Series A/B program, learn from the VCs and subject experts to help your company cross this important threshold.
  • Program Completion Certificates for Accelerator/Training offerings
    • Are your acceleration or capacity building programs requiring certification to validate the training cycle? GEN Academy can audit and certify your programs to ensure you maintain compliance with international standards or adherence to donor requirements governmental statutes.