GEN Mentorship Program Powers EWC Competitors
31 Jul 2020

In preparation for the second annual Entrepreneurship World Cup, competitors from around the globe take part in a series of virtual training and mentorship programs powered by the team at GEN Accelerates. The sessions help them hone their skills and increase their chances of winning their national competitions—as well as those who advance to the Global Finals. Within the EWC platform, participants have access to a dedicated content library with information from mentors who share their valuable insights.

The training curriculum and mentorship sessions are led by Dr. Susan Amat, Executive Director for GEN Accelerates and Vice President of Education for the Global Entrepreneurship. 

Held from June through August, the sessions feature a number of accomplished entrepreneurs and investors who are experienced mentors.

Session topics are outlined below with links to dedicated articles with video recordings of the Zoom sessions: 

Julia DiLeo

Digital Communications Associate | Global Entrepreneurship Network

Julia DiLeo is a Digital Communications Associate at the Global Entrepreneurship Network. She is involved in all things content creation, social… More