Accepting Nominations for Europe's Female Angel Investor of the Year
Golden Aurora Award
Business Angels Network Deutschland (BAND) and Business Angels Europe (BAE) are honoring Europe's Female Angel Investor of the Year with the Golden Aurora Award.
14 Jun 2020

For the fourth time in a row Business Angels Network Deutschland (BAND) and Business Angels Europe (BAE) are honoring Europe's Female Angel Investor of the Year with the Golden Aurora Award.

The aim is to bring female business angels, who are still clearly underrepresented compared to their male counterparts, more into the public eye in order to motivate more women to become active as business angels. BAND has drawn up an ambitious plan to increase the proportion of female angel investors in Germany to 25 percent by 2025 and has therefore declared 2020 to be the "Women Business Angels Year 2020".

Do you know inspiring female Angel Investors that deserve to get the "Golden Aurora" award?

Submit your candidate for the "Europe's Female Angel Investor of the Year 2020" award now: The deadline for nominations is 31 July 2020 and any active female Angel Investor with permanent residence in Europe can be nominated. 


The previous award winners

The laureate of the first "Golden Aurora", Paola Bonomo, comes from Italy, has an impressive career as an IT expert in managerial functions of international groups, was Senior Director for Europe at eBay, head of online services at Vodafone Italy and regional director for Southern Europe Facebook. In 2016 and 2017 she was part of the "Inspiring Fifty", the 50 women in Europe who can inspire young girls for technology in a special way.

Bonomo's first start-up investment in 2004 was a typical "Family and Friends" investment in a traditional Modena balsamic vendor. Later she used her professional expertise for investments in e-commerce, online marketing and digital advertising technologies. After participating in two financing rounds, she had a successful exit with AdEspresso (, a SaaS tool for the performance optimization of Facebook ads, which was sold to Hootsuite Media. In the meantime, she is also active in the field of medical technology and environmental technology, not without occasionally getting involved in lifestyle products again.

In 2018, the “Golden Aurora” went to Prof. Susanne Porsche from Munich. She comes from the film and TV industry, founded several production companies, such as MPS media productions in 1990 and summerset GmbH in 2007. In 2010 she took over the New Munich TV Production. Your Angels Investments are widely spread.

Of particular note are their holdings in the care box and Auticon GmbH. Care box ( ), a brand of CommitMed GmbH, Berlin, supplies materials for home care and helps customers get reimbursed from health insurers.

Another example of Impact Investing by Susanne Porsche is Auticon from Berlin ( ), This is an IT consulting company that only uses autistic people as consultants and thus uses the special skills of this group of people for demanding IT projects.

Her other investments include Finleap ( ), a Berlin company builder, Secucloud ( ), a cloud-based security software, and Terraloupe ( ), which analyzes aerial photographs with artificial intelligence and thus detailed object detection enables.

In 2019, the award again went to a German angel investor. Dr. Mariana Bozesan received the "Golden Aurora". As a full member of the Club of Rome, she is deeply convinced that the UN's sustainable development goals must also be implemented through her angel investments. An investment turnaround is necessary according to the guiding principles of equality between people, the planet and success. As a result, it is only logical that they only finance and support sustainable start-ups.

Her first investment successes were CyberNetAG, the first publicly traded internet company in Germany and Penumbra, market leader in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke. Current examples of their investments include NDC Data Centers GmbH, Munich, which enables data centers to make major savings in energy costs for cooling and space requirements thanks to a patented process. Before becoming a business angel, Mariana Bozesan held senior positions at Oracle, Digital Equipment (now Hewlett Packard) and IntelliCorp, a pioneer of artificial intelligence. She studied at Stanford University and at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

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