GBAN provides an opportunity for angels and their advocates to more actively participate in building and strengthening local and regional entrepreneurial ecosystems, helping to enhance connections with startup communities and policymakers and provide invaluable knowledge sharing and resources for all those who work with entrepreneurs. GBAN does not participate in lobbying activities or fundraising.

GBAN members have the opportunity to:

  • Share ideas, developments in their initiatives, lessons learned, and other knowledge and experiences on the GBAN website;
  • Participate in Investor Activities during GEW - a week that enables early-stage investors to connect with community leaders and local media through events and competitions, local programs for entrepreneurs, policy research and growing regional networks, during GEW, the annual celebration of entrepreneurship each November that adds energy to advancing entrepreneurship worldwide;
  • Participate in the GBAN Annual Meeting held in conjunction with the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) each April, and
  • Connect with other angel organizations for national or regional activities and objectives.

GBAN members have access to the following resources:

  • GEN Connect: An online directory of both the GBAN members as well as GEN members overall that can be searched, filtered, and used for finding people, messaging and conversations.
  • Field Report Calls: An ongoing, members-only call series on topics related to angel investing from a global perspective.
  • Country Toolkits: Produced by members, for members, as guides to operating as an angel investor in local ecosystems that include tax, regulatory, corporate formation issues guidelines to different policies.
  • Slack: A supplementary tool which GBAN members can use for quick, convenient communication with each other and other members of the GEN community.



Types of Membership and Decision-Making Structure


Board: Five GBAN Board Members lead the community with voting rights on items such as membership applications and GBAN strategic direction and activities.

National Lead Members: One member per country with strong ties to multiple angel organizations and a leading voice in that national angel market that assumes the responsibility for communicating on behalf of that nations angel investor communities locally within the broader national entrepreneurial ecosystem and globally.

Members: Organizations involved in building the angel ecosystem that apply to be a member on-line and are accepted by the Board members.



Membership Criteria


GBAN welcomes new members from around the world. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis within 30 days of being submitted.

The GBAN Board angel community and GBAN efforts. Criteria include:

  • Ability to be accepted as a neutral and inclusive party by the various organizations and clubs active in promoting and engaging in angel investing in that country;
  • Openness to engaging actively with other local organizations that are part of GEN and in helping to improve the quality of the work done by the main local actors in enhancing the local entrepreneurial ecosystem;
  • Willingness to help angels and those advancing their interests engage in other startup and scale up community efforts; and
  • Willingness to come to the GEC each Spring for the GBAN Annual Meeting.

Members are required to:

  • Participate in Field Report calls at least once a year; and participate in "Investors Day" during GEW.

Members are encouraged to:

  • Attend the GBAN Annual Meeting at the GEC each April to interface with other angel associations and groups. Dates and locations are provided two years in advance.
  • Use the GBAN online community management system (supported by GEN Connect and Slack) as a global project management tool for collaborating and executing mutual plans.

Members remain members as long as they are active and engaged. Where there is more than one party interested in assuming the national lead role, the Board will select one organization to serve as National Lead Member for two years, at which time if others are still interested, rotating national leadership will be suggested. The Board also reserves the right to ask National Members to convert to General Members if that National Member becomes inactive.

There is currently no membership fee.

Evaluating Membership Criteria:

  • GBAN as a community welcomes all established angel networks and groups to join a global network of like-minded individuals.
  • Organizations established less than one year are not eligible to apply for National Lead Membership but may become General Members.
  • Selected National Lead Member applicants should show a commitment to advancing connections between angel investors, the ecosystem they operate within and entrepreneurs.
  • Selected applications should also show a commitment to working together with others, large and small, within the early-stage investing community both within their home country and globally

Applications will be reviewed by the Board, which may seek counsel and input from experts and the national GEN leads (e.g., GEN [Country] Managing Directors; GEW National Hosts in 170 countries)