Get in the Ring Names Global Startup Pitch Winners

After one year, Get in the Ring's Global Startup Pitching Competition has ended and three global winners have been named in Cascais, Portugal. 

Get in the Ring is a longtime-partner of the Global Entrepreneurship Network and its Global Entrepreneurship Week celebration, which takes place each November. The annual GITR Global Meetup invites 150 startups from more than 100 countries who have previously won regional Get in the Ring events to compete for the global title. 

After three-days of entrepreneurial activities designed to unlock business opportunities, six startups are chosen to battle against each other in a boxing-style battle of five, 30-second rounds.

The Netherlands-based Convious came out on top in the Heavyweight round. The company helps professionals sell more direct by using artificial intelligence algorithms which enable customers to set their own ticket price. During their pitch, Convious told the audience that they were looking for a connection with the Walt Disney company. 

"15 minutes later, someone gave me the connection I needed," said Kevin Westermeijer, Convious founder." That wouldn't be possible without Get in the Ring."

Westermeijer is now in conversations with 10 new Venture Capital firms after winning at the Global Meetup. 

From the Lightweight category it was Liquid Gold who stole the show. The South African startup collects and recycles urine to protect the aquatic environment and replenish soils. During a matchup session organized at the Global Meetup, Liquid Gold was able to close a deal worth $500,000 with a new investor. 

The Middleweight winner, Mind Rockets, Inc., from Jordan, developed assistive technological solutions for the deaf and hard of hearing worldwide. Their avatars interpret speech to sign language. Since winning the Get in the Ring local event in Jordan, Mind Rockets, now have more than 80,000 users and are working with major corporate partners. 

Global Meetup 2018 facilitated more than 700 matchups for startups who are looking to scale on an international level. The winners represent a diverse range of industries and all have tangible, positive results from participating in the event. 

"This has been our most successful Global Meetup to date," said Jochem Cuppen, global director of Get in the Ring. "We brought together 150 startups from around the world, together with more than 200 network partners, renowned investors and big companies actively looking to work with international talent. Our success is reflected by the founders in our community. Every one of them unlocked a business connection that they could not facilitate by themselves."

Other contestants included Labfresh, who since winning Get in the Ring Holland, have grown from a living-room team to a team of 10 with 1.5 million Euros in revenue. The fashion technology startup caught the attention of a Danish investor after the GITR event, and were able to reach their crowdfunding target in less than 24 hours. 

"Get in the Ring literally forced us to step up our game," said Lotte Vink, co-founder of Labfresh. "It's the perfect training environment. If we as founders can excite hundreds of people with visional punchlines, then we for sure can excite investors and customers too."

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Jessica Hale

Head of Communications | Get in the Ring

Hale is Head of Communication for Get in the Ring.