Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a celebration of innovators who dream big and launch startups that bring ideas to life. GEW reaches millions of people of all ages and backgrounds through local, national and global events and activities. During one week each November, partners around the world hold events and competitions to celebrate and support local entrepreneurs.




Sip‘rmarr‘set n‘ koh‘ COVID-i
Women Founders Network Albania , Social Triangle
Bota po ndryshon shum‘ shpejt n‘n syt‘ tan‘, skenar‘t dhe realitetet e ndryshme q‘ ne mendojm‘ nuk jan‘ t‘ nj‘jta, var‘sisht nga vendi ku gjith‘secili po e zhvillon biznesin sot. Por cdo kriz‘ ka nj‘ pik‘ p‘rfundimtare. Dhe kjo ‘sht‘ koha kur sip‘rmarr‘sit nd‘rmarrin projekte t‘ reja dhe vijn‘ me ide akoma dhe m‘ inovatore.
Educating a generation to rebuild the world
Open Society University Network (OSUN), remotely connects 100 students from 5 parts of the world to collaborate on innovative solutions to the globe’s most persistent problems.
Digital Transformation Business Process Automatization
Triple City, Barleti HUB
How successful CEO and CIO are improving their business operation through digitalization and business process automatization.