Future Agro Challenge Includes Entrepreneurs Agro Innovators
22 Nov 2015

Time after time we hear and read about the importance of agribusiness and agriculture in resolving enormous challenges of today and tomorrow’s world. Recently, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) published a report, highlighting agriculture as key in achieving Zero Hunger, while at the same time agriculture and food security has been identified as the way to achieving sustainable development and growth.

Future Agro Challenge (FAC), a featured event of Global Entrepreneurship Week,  is working to make a difference on a global level by increasing interaction amongst agro innovators, entrepreneurs, stakeholders and investors, and by addressing national policies and challenges.

As there is not one simple solution to any of the complex global challenges, FAC calls countries from all over the world to join an international network aiming to connect and reach solutions through entrepreneurship and innovation.

FAC believes that discovering solutions to global challenges should not be complicated and supports agro innovators, startups, farmers, manufacturers and distributors from countries across several continents to pursue innovative solutions.

Already, 18 countries across the FAC global network have nominated their National Winners and many more will follow until the global deadline on Jan. 7. National winners will join us to compete in the International Finals in Colombia, for the title of the "Most Innovative Agribusiness Entrepreneur of the Year.”

If you are interested in competing or hosting the Future Agro Challenge in your country, contact us

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