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Investing in People in the UK Education Sector

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Virgin Unite set up the ‘People Challenge’ task with the intention of making micro businesses more aware of the value of truly investing in their staff and their clients. Grace OIugbodi, founder of BeGenio, understood that perfectly. Here, she tells us how the Action Network project helped her realise this and what action she took in embedding her newfound core values.

BeGenio specializes in helping children fall in love with maths. To that end, I created a new, exciting board game that helps children learn maths, build confidence, make the subject fun, increase better grades, reduce mathematical anxiety and build more opportunities for a successful future.

I joined Virgin Unite’s Action Network because I loved the idea that by the end of it we would have crafted out our core values with the support we would be given. The Virgin team were going to teach us how to do this in depth and give us real, workable examples. It was an amazing experience.

I didn’t initially have a complete understanding of core values, not in the way that Virgin Unite's Action Network took us through it. Theirs was another level.

The specific core values we’ve adopted in our mission to help children fall in love with maths are:

  • Hard work
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Resilience
  • Quality
  • Empathy
  • People skills
  • Offering hope with positive energy
  • Believing that learning should be fun
  • Reliability in giving back

We have implemented these core values by making sure we are positive at all times, care about people, parents, children and our staff and celebrate them, and produce quality maths board games to help children make maths fun. We’ve also introduced online workshops and courses to help parents effectively and confidently assist their child in improving their maths grades.

Taking part in the Action Network’s ‘People Challenge’ taught me that people are the centre of our business and initiating the right culture and getting it ingrained in our core values is key. I’m now trying to teach the team that they must understand these core values and live them such that it's evident in our everyday actions. 

Writing out our core values, crafting them and putting them on our website and social media channels was very rewarding. I derived such joy from the exercise because our team agreed these values are true to us. They are "us-personified". Going forward, I plan to go through the core values exercise periodically, over and over again.

We have just launched our board game, Race To Infinity on Indiegogo.com and our overall brand continues to develop.

For more on Virgin Unite’s Action Network, visit here.

Virgin Unite set up the ‘People Challenge’ task with the intention of making micro businesses more aware of the value of truly investing in their… About the author