2022 Themes in Entrepreneurship
As we plan for #GEW2022, we want to know what themes resonate with your community.
30 Nov 2021

Global Entrepreneurship Week has long focused on four key themes: ecosystems, education, inclusion, and policy. We at GEN believe these themes are crucial to developments in entrepreneurship and need to be discussed to improve ecosystems around the world.

Each year we are impressed with local campaigns that host powerful activities and conversations addressing these themes and the work their ecosystem can do to improve in these areas. We also see additional themes come to light as ecosystems address topics that are important and relevant to their communities. In 2020, we saw a lot on resilience and in 2021 there was a focus on rebuilding. Other themes that emerged include creating global connections, health, and social impact.

As we plan for #GEW2022, we want to know what themes resonate with you and your ecosystem and how we can grow upon our existing four cornerstones.

Please complete this survey to let us know your thoughts.

For feedback on GEW USA, contact Ellen Erickson at ellen@genglobal.org and for GEW Global feedback please contact Buke Cuhdar at buke@genglobal.org

Ellen Erickson

Director for U.S. Ecosystems | Global Entrepreneurship Network

Ellen is the Director for U.S. Ecosystems with the Global Entrepreneurship Network. Her primary responsibilities include supporting the… More