Eight Countries Experiencing Entrepreneurship As One Region: SICA EMPRENDE
Photo Credit: CENPROMYPE
30 Nov 2016


This November, Central America and the Dominican Republic region joined the global movement, Global Entrepreneurship Week. Countries in the region celebrated with entrepreneurial activities such as festivals, startup programs, workshops and conferences. 

The Micro, Small ande Medium Enterprises (MSME) authorities of Central America and the Dominican Republic, which forms the Board of Directors of CENPROMYPE, in coordination with the public, private and academic partners, have signed in some cases Pacts for Entrepreneurship affirming their commitment to the public opinion to continue creating together a propitious environment for the promotion of an entrepreneurial culture.

From Nov. 14-20, all the countries of the  Central America and Dominican Republic region joined in the celebration of the Global Entrepreneurship Week with the common brand that summarizes its regional strategy: SICA EMPRENDE.

Strategic partners of the region also joined this celebration, including the European Union, the Republic of China Taiwan, APC Colombia and the GIZ through the facility program -- who have demonstrated their commitment to continue strengthening the work to support the entrepreneurial ecosystems in the region, promoting entrepreneurship and the SICA EMPRENDE strategy, and promoting the national policies and strategies of the countries. 

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW)
GEW is a worldwide movement that seeks to strengthen entrepreneurial cultures in more than 160 countries and create one global ecosystem through events and activities that take place simultaneously around the world. 

Through GEW in Central America and the Dominican Republic, goals focused around "Articulate - Inspire - Connect - Instruct."

  • Articulate
    Coordinate public and private organizations and institutions that promote entrepreneurship as an alternative to generate impact on the economic development of the country by accelerating and boosting the growth of entrepreneurs and their companies.
  • Inspire
    Encourage Entrepreneurial Behavior and Entrepreneurship among many people as possible, seeking to inspire and make them consider Entrepreneurship as a "Life Project".
  • Connect
    Connect communities in different regions in the country through a global effort to find new ideas in the intersection of cultures and disciplines.
  • Instruct
    Add to the network entrepreneurs who inspire and guide the next generation of young people in their quest to achieve their business dream.

Presidents Juan Carlos Varela (Panamá), Luis Guillermo Solis (Costa Rica) and Jimmy Morales (Guatemala) have joined the region and the activities in the pacts for entrepreneurship in Panamá and Costa Rica and Heroes Fest in Guatemala.


Félix Pacas

Strategic Communication Advisor

Félix Pacas is the strategic communication advisor for CENPROMYPE El Salvador.