Global Entrepreneurship Week - Hungary
Global Entrepreneurship Week 2020 - Banner in Hungary
Each year over 4000 people participate just in Budapest, and over 10000 join the week across the country.
16 Dec 2019

Each year the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Hungary opens its doors to the thousands of enthusiastic youngsters since the inception of GEW Host organization FIVOSZ in 2007. Along with another 170+ countries in the world, the Global Entrepreneurship Week’s initiative was taking place in November, and the reception and feedback were nothing but outstanding for both the organizers and the participants. Each year over 4000 people participate just in Budapest, and over 10000 join the week across the country.

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This year - due to the current circumstances - we are planning an extraordinary Online Business Show, which will be colored with more spectacular technical tools than ever before. The event will be broadcast in pre-recorded form during the main program of the national FIX TV channel and online streaming, with which we will reach 1.7 million Hungarian households. Through our additional media partners, we reach an additional 4 million people in our communications.

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On the Young Entrepreneurs Week 2020 website, interested young people can compile the program on their own, on-demand, from pre-recorded videos and content from partners.

This year’s Young Entrepreneurs Week will be broadcast on November 19-20, 2020 from 6pm to 10pm during the FIX TV main show, which will also be streamed online.

In addition to innovative presentations and roundtables, this year we will be updating the program with innovative elements, taking advantage of the opportunities to appear online. After the projection, the recordings will be available and viewable on the online interfaces for a long time.

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Topics for the November 19-20 programs include: fashion, space, “this is how we make it”, innovation and “interviews with business people” and presentation of diverse businesses with a wide range of activities.

They are all expected to be among the speakers at the event of the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs

Károly Gerendai - businessman, cultural organizer, founder of the Sziget Festival
Zoltán Patai - CEO of Net Waiter
dr. Zoltán Birkner - President of the National Office for Research, Development and Innovation
Gyula Pomázi - President of the National Office of Intellectual Property
Gergely Lakatos - CEO of Panyolai Szilvórium Zrt.
Dávid Boross - managing director of Oázis Kertészeti Kft., Chairman of FBN-H
József Palásti - founder of Fornetti, owner of the Food Universum
Andrea Varga-Szabó - owner of the Apple PS Hostess Agency
Viktor Huszár - co-founder and inventor of Teqball
dr. István Sárhegyi - Chairman of the FIVOSZ Space Committee, Vice Chairman of the Board of CarpathiaSat Zrt.,
Zsófia Bata-Jakab - CEO of the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency,
Zsófia Rácz - Deputy State Secretary for Youth and
dr. Patrik Kovács - founding president of FIVOSZ

and many more, please check out our website:



Patrik Kovacs

President | GEN Hungary