GEN Indonesia Leading Entrepreneurship Education Discussions
Wray Bradner
9 Aug 2016

The Universitas Ciputra Entrepreneurship Center will lead the Round Table Meeting of Entrepreneurship Educators in Jakarta on August 18 – 20, followed by the International Conference on Entrepreneurship (ICOEN) on August 22 - 24 in Surabaya, as part of the early celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week in Indonesia.

The Round Table of Entrepreneurship Educators (REE) is an intensive roundtable meeting with a mixture of international and local academia who will share their experience in bringing entrepreneurship to young people in local communities, as well as a look at the development of entrepreneurial curriculum.

The International Conference on Entrepreneurship (ICOEN) is a yearly conference held by Universitas Ciputra, established to build sustainable businesses as the ASEAN business community changes. The 2016 ICOEN will be the third annual conference, and will focus this year “Sustainable Entrepreneurial Organizations,” related to government, academic, business and social topics.

For both events, GEN Indonesia, founded by the Ciputra Entrepreneurship Foundation, are inviting roughly 16 international academic institutions from the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean.

There will be dozens of local academia participating in the events both in Jakarta and Surabaya. GEN Indonesia is also partnering with the local university to conduct the event and receive support and sponsorship from the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta, U.S. Consulate in Surabaya, the Raffles Hotel and Garuda Indonesia.

The events are held as preliminary meetings prior to the GEC+, which will be held in Daegu, South Korea, August 24 – 26, with the hope to sharpen ideas and suggestions GEN Indonesia can share during the GEC+ event.

The events were done as a preliminary meeting prior to the GEC+ in Daegu, South Korea with the hope that we can sharpen some thoughts we can share and discuss during the GEC+. Speakers include Frank Koe, a profess of engineering entrepreneurship at Penn State University and a GEW USA participant; Phil Auerswald, executive director of the Global Entrepreneurship Research Network; Moon-Sun Kim, head of education and research at the Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation; Anthony Farr, CEO of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation; Stephen Cheach Kim Seng, managing director of GEN Thailand; and many other entrepreneurial ecosystem leaders from around the world.


Jessica Wray Bradner

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