About GEN Invest

Speaker at Early-Stage Investor Event


GEN Invest is GEN’s investment arm adding investor support and perspectives to all GEN’s programming and startups including:

  • Supporting alongside our two Entrepreneurship World Cup partners, the EWC Investor Portal
  • Driving investor engagement in the GEN Starters Club and Startup Huddle program
  • Amplifying the voice of investors to policymakers through GEN Policy
  • Providing knowledge and insights for both investors and founders
  • Increasing Family Businesses and Offices investments in startups, venture capital funds
  • Working with GEN Affiliates to assess opportunities to participate in or create fund of funds

With an over emphasis by many economies in institutional venture capital, GEN is especially focused on early stage capital and devising new models for helping investors and founders get the right capital at the right time.  A cornerstone of this focus has been the Global Business Angels Network (GBAN) a division within GEN managed by an independent Board of Directors and comprised of the world’s leading angel investor networks.  Through its members from 80 nations, GBAN helps build new angel investor capacity in emerging economies, increases cross border investment and provides virtual and live accelerator training for angel investors at all levels.