EWC Japan 2021 comes to an end with three national winners and the official announcement of GEN Japan’s Board of directors!
After a 6-month journey between Japan Innovation Network (National Host) and CIC Tokyo (Official National Partner), EWC Japan 2021 came to an end last Tuesday, July 27th.
4 Aug 2021


The National Finals for EWC Japan 2021 was held live from CIC Tokyo with the participation of Hiro Nishiguchi, JIN’s CEO and GEN Japan Managing Director as event lead and judge, Masaru Nagura, Director of Community Development at CIC, as a guest of honor, and Masa Tadokoro, CEO and founder of unicornfarm, and Fara Taraie, founder and Managing Director of NDDesign and country Manager of ImpacTech Japan as distinguished judges.

We would like to warmly congratulate our three national winners for this year’s edition of EWC Japan:

Idea-stage winner: Floatmeal Japan

Early-stage winner: I'mbesideyou Inc.

Growth-stage winner and EWC Japan 2021 Grand Winner: Global Mobility Service Inc.

We would also like to congratulate and wish the best to all our other 7 EWC Japan 2021 finalists whose business ideas and models were innovative and unique:

Inuka, Tatami Tree, UBUNTU Hub, AnchorZ Inc. Inc, Armis,  SpoLive. and Hibot.

This event was also the occasion to officially announce the new Board of Directors of GEN Japan which will be formed by: Fariza Abidova (Founder and CEO of Trusted Corporation), Buke Cuhadar (Vice President of Global Entrepreneurship Network), Masaru Nagura, Hiro Nishiguchi, Kentaro Sakakibara (Founder and CEO of SAMURAI INCUBATE INC.), Masa Tadokoro, and Fara Taraie.

We are confident this diverse team of entrepreneurs and innovators will help the Japanese ecosystem flourish and unleash the power of ideas and creativity for promising new ventures!

We are looking forward to our next actions as GEN Japan to promote the entrepreneurship spirit further in our country!

For those who missed the event, the link is available here :



Tristan Bili

Project Manager | Japan Innovation Network

Project Manager @ Japan Innovation Network