CELEBRATE | January 6, 2020

Int@j Association during GEW Jordan

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1.        19.11.2019 @Tank by Umniah

Startups companies’ (registration & Taxes Laws) by Int@j’ Tax advisor Mr. Raed Najjab

During the first event held on the Tank platform, the tax advisor of int@j association and the CEO of Zad Mr. Raed Najab discussed with a number of startups companies the importance about how to be aware of the accounting laws, in addition to how to select the suitable type of registration for your company.


2.        21.11.2019 @Orange by Big

Startups Valley of death session / The Path of Pioneering: A Dark tunnel toward Sunshine

An interactive session entitled “The Road of Entrepreneurship: A Dark Tunnel toward the Sunshine”, where a discussion was held on how will your obstacles be a path to your success.

The dialogue was moderated by the co-founder of VARARI’s startup & Chairman of Startupjo council Mr. Ziad Al Masry, as he discussed with the attendees the wrong practices that the entrepreneur used to it during the establishment of their startups. Also the entrepreneurs addressed their challenges and ways to overcome them


3.        24.11.2019 @Zinc by Zain

Entrepreneurship in Media/ with Jordan News Agency (PETRA) General Manager Mr. Fayeq Hejazeen 

Hejazeen emphasized that entrepreneurship is occupying a large area in the media, as it is one of the pillars of stimulating the business environment, referring to the role of social media and how to build on it in a thoughtful way to build the trust of the follower. He pointed out that the most important thing from the speed of reaching the news is its accuracy and the extent of its credibility, especially in the era of social media, He announced that the Petra agency will be supportive of initiatives related to Arab digital content and the promotion of entrepreneurs and their companies locally, regionally and internationally

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