Blog | November 26, 2014

Global Entrepreneurship Week: A Week of Opportunities in Kosovo

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Sunday November 23 marked the last day of Global Entrepreneurship Week in Kosovo.

The Kosovo Angels Business Network aims to strengthen the startup community in Kosovo by bringing together entrepreneurs and angel investors from Kosovo and abroad. During GEW, they provided aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs with the opportunity to present their ideas in front of Kosovar and international business angels.

The American Chamber of Commerce discussion on “Supporting Young Entrepreneurs” marked the last step of this long and exciting journey. The end of this journey, paves the road for inspired individuals to bring their ideas to life.

This week was a condensed presentation of the daily work of Innovation Centre Kosovo, as well as all of the GEW partners and supporters. Or maybe better said “A week of opportunities” that everyone with an entrepreneurial initiative has. Events throughout the week included workshops on how to pitch ideas, networking and working lunches, trainings on marketing strategy, brand design, sales techniques, customer relations management, corporate social responsibility, alternative dispute resolution mechanism roundtables, as well as, presentation of digital platforms for businesses, business incubator opportunities and presentations before investors. These events taught crucial skills and support helping participants take their dreams to the next level.

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