Entrepreneurs Are From Mars Funds From Venus: How Can They Understand Each Other?
Luis Andrade Rodriguez
23 May 2016

In 2015, we launched in Mexico a report weaving together the opinions and perspectives from 20 fund managers from our country.

As Adriana Tortajada, Director General for High Impact and Capital Programs at the National Institute of the Entrepreneur (INADEM) expressed in the foreword of the report, “entrepreneurs are at the center of economic development and we must support them; they continuously face challenges that test their tolerance to frustration, and the more they find support in their environment, the faster they will reach the next stage of their business.”

So at IMAN we conducted interviews with the nation’s top fund managers, who donated their time and concepts so that everyone can better understand how to win their trust and grow together. This is why we titled the English version of the report “Raise and Rise” and launched it at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Medellin in March 2016.

The resulting report is very much like an open letter from the venture capital fund managers to entrepreneurs, such that readers can hear first-hand about the rationale behind fund managers’ expectations from startups at every stage of the fundraising process, from the pitch to follow up, to working hand-in-hand with the fund’s mentors once selected.  

Through the own words of the interviewed fund managers, collected and organized in the report by the common messages from them, readers will better understand what venture capital is and what it is not. But more importantly, readers will realize that funds managers are also entrepreneurial, which encourages entrepreneurs to lose the fear of vulnerability, reach out and expose themselves to funds, in order to become magnets for new strategic partners in their young businesses’ path to growth.

You can download the report in English or Spanish here.

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José Luis Andrade Rodriguez

Co-Founder | IMAN

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