EWC2021 Namibia Finalist Victoria Hasheela-Mufeti
Photo Credit: GEN Namibia
Microwide Publishing Press offers publishing services from the beginning until the end for self-publishing authors, from offering guidance to aspiring writers, editing services, illustrations, manuscripts layout, cover designing, printing, as well as marketing the books
19 Jul 2021


My primary customer is any person with an interest in writing either fiction or non-fiction books. The company specializes in editing, designing, printing, and publishing books for Namibian authors, mostly in local languages. Over the years, we as a country have been reading western fiction stories that we could not relate to. We did not have a platform to write our stories and get them published. The existing publishing houses only focus on educational books, for schools. Microwide Publishing Press created a platform to publish our indigenous stories by local authors.

Johanna Cloete

Managing Director | GEN Namibia

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