CIPE Releases Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Report
20 Nov 2013

The Center for International Private Enterprise released a special report for Global Entrepreneurship Week. The report entitled, Creating the Environment for Entrepreneurial Success, discusses strategies for creating an environment for entrepreneurs in developing economies to succeed.

The report features an essay from Jonathan Ortmans, president of Global Entrepreneurship Week, and others. 

In many areas of the world, young entrepreneurs face extraordinary barriers to creating a business such as corrupt government officials, costly bureaucratic processes, or difficult legal problems.

Creating the Environment focuses on efforts to build an entrepreneurship ecosystem that expands the pool of potential entrepreneurs, builds incentives for entrepreneurship, eases the costs of doing business, and generates healthy competition. It also discusses the need for policy and regulatory reforms that should be integrated with comprehensive services to educate, finance, advise, and encourage entrepreneurs.

The report is divided up into four parts and written by an international group of experts reflecting experiences and lessons from developing countries and the United States. Contributors include Director of Research at Bloomberg Government Robert Litan, Senior Program Officer at the Center for International Private Enterprise Anna Nadgrodkiewicz, President of Global Entrepreneurship Week and Chair of the Global Entrepreneurship Congress Jonathan Ortmans, the Director of the Center for Global Entrepreneurship Lynda de la Viña, Secretary General of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry Majid Shabbir, and many others.

Part one gives an overview of why and how environments influence possibilities for entrepreneurial success. Part two delves into approaches for strengthening specific features of ecosystems. Part three covers regional priorities and initiatives and part four will summarize a conference panel that discusses “Democracy That Delivers For Entrepreneurs”.