About GEN Belgium

Founded by the Employers Associations in all regions of Belgium, GEN Belgium works on the validation and improvement entrepreneurship-promoting policies in Belgium. This includes know-how sharing, information and experience exchange about the following:

  • Entrepreneurship policies
  • Monitoring and evaluation, academic and/or political underpinning of these policies
  • Expected changes in policies
  • Alignment with policies in Europe or worldwide 

GEN Belgium aims to position Belgium and its regions on the global entrepreneurship ecosystem by :

  • Participating in live international events such as the GEN’s flagship Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC), the Startup Nations Summit, GEC+ and GEN Regional Meetups
  • Bringing to Belgium constant flow of new best-in-class entrepreneur support programs – including GBAN, Startup Compete, Startup Huddle, GEN Starters Club
  • Working on Research and Policy development and advocacy through GEN Policy and GEN Research and its resources such as Startup Nations Policy Atlas (SNAP)
  • Global startup competitions such as Entrepreneurship World Cup alongside other opportunities for Belgium’s startups to engage on a global level