Ortmans talks entrepreneurship education and pandemic recovery with the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative
GEN President Jonathan Ortmans shares insights into post-pandemic economic recovery and the role of entrepreneurship education.
22 Apr 2021

GEN president Jonathan Ortmans recently joined the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative (ELI) as a guest on its webinar, “Piloting the Pivot: The Imperative of an Entrepreneur-Led Economy” to share insights into post-pandemic recovery and the role of entrepreneurship education within it.

Ortmans touched on GEN’s strategy to rally the global entrepreneurship community as it recovers from COVID-19 shutdowns and how collectively, it can reframe how the world thinks about entrepreneurship. 

“Entrepreneurship is not about starting a company,” said Ortmans. “It’s about finding new ways of doing things.”

To empower people to contribute to a better post-pandemic future through entrepreneurship, Ortmans encouraged education leaders to foster collaboration, experimentation, idea testing and feedback loops in unique ways.

“There's sometimes more entrepreneurship education going on in school corridors than in classrooms,” he said. “Entrepreneurship education is messy by nature.”

Watch the webinar here.



Kathryn Forrest

Manager for Communications | Global Entrepreneurship Network

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