Taiwan’s Ecosystem Mapping Project
Wray Bradner
20 Apr 2015

The “Taiwan Startup Ecosystem Map” is an initiative started by iiiNNO with involvement of over 150 key stakeholders from the Taiwan startup ecosystem.

Crowdsourcing data

The initiative began in June 2014 with a project called “Puzzle-Up Taiwan Startup Ecosystem” which used a Facebook chat box, involving a dozen active ecosystem contributors. The invitation was made and still is made on Facebook to openly invite anyone who wants to be part of development of the exciting Taiwan startup scene.

Today, the initiative has grown beyond than the original needs of producing a curated contact list of various critical stakeholders, and in order to meet the steady growth, we are in the process of moving to a more structure virtual collaborative environment from Facebook group chat to Slack, with the hope that more people will be able to enjoy the free chat format while easily accessing the documents that we are putting together.

Maps currently available

Currently there is an overview map of the Taiwan Startup Ecosystem (see above), a map for coworking & maker spaces that is geared toward startups, a map of accelerators with global and local elements and of various formats, a map of seed funds, a map of top  startup teams of 2014, and even a map of the most trusted blogger/news editors with nominations from the 150 volunteers.

Lessons learned

The key success factor of the initiative was leveraging the spirit of bottom-to-top approach, and bringing key stakeholders together.

We were also excited to find out that the maps were in high demand in various sectors. For example, project offices of Taiwanese government-led startup initiatives are using them to identify potential advisors and judges who are playing an critical part of the growth of Taiwan’s ecosystem.

Next steps

We are working to make the map available electronically in both English and Chinese, which will continue to be curated by the community and published by iiiNNO to global startup community.   If you have any suggestions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us at david@iiinno.co.

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