Brazilian Startup Advocacy Group to Host the Largest National Policy Dialogue

The Brazilian startup advocacy group, Dinamo, will run a stage at next week's CASE conference - one of Latin America's largest entrepreneur gatherings. 


CASE 2019, organized by the Brazilian Association for Startups (Abstartups), will take place during November 28-29 in São Paulo, with institutional support from tech giants that are key players in the entrepreneurial scene in Brazil and the region, such as Facebook, Google and In Loco. 

Dinamo has been selected to run an exclusive arena for policy dialogue at CASE which will bring together governments, startups, companies, civil society and entrepreneurs- the largest startup policy conversation ever held in the country.

The goal is to bring entrepreneurs closer to the development of urgent agendas related to public policies and new venture creation in Brazil, such as the Startups Legal Framework, the General Data Protection Act (LGPD), which will come into force as early as next year, cybersecurity for companies and public entities, and the persistence of certain bureaucratic barriers for startups.

For Kiko Afonso, President of the Dinamo Group, this is an opportunity to bring information and guidance from leading market experts to talk about sensitive topics. “We saw this event as a huge opportunity to bring public policy closer to startups. We know that innovation is always ahead of regulation, but how regulation will affect innovation and your business depends a lot on the participation of startups in these discussions," he expressed.

It will be two full days with more than 20 sessions at the Dinamo arena, with the participation of more than 50 speakers from renowned companies, government agencies and civil society. Some confirmed names are: André Barrence, Head of Google for Startups in Brazil, Eduardo Lopes, Director of Facebook Hack Station, Felipe Matos, former Director of Startup Brasil, and currently Vice President at Dinamo, Flavio Pripas of Redpoint Eventures, Leonardo Militelli of IBLISS Digital Security and representatives from Facebook, Google, Nubank, iFood, Fifth Floor, InLoco, among others, and government representatives such as Startup Nations members Igor Nazareth, Undersecretary for Innovation at the Ministry of the Economy, and Otavio Caixeta, Director of the Digital Policies Secretariat at the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation & Communication.

The Dinamo arena at CASE will also feature the presentation of the mapped results from the survey of public policies, infographic guidelines about the new data protection framework for startups, as well as discussions about the Dinamo playbooks, all reference publications underlying the proposed Legal Framework for Startups currently under Congressional consideration (see update here).


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Cristina A. Fernandez

Vice President for Policy + Research | Global Entrepreneurship Network

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