Policy Developments from Around the Globe: GEW2020 Edition
Cristina A.
15 Nov 2020

In 2020, most policy efforts around the world to support entrepreneurs have been focused on ensuring business survival to the extent possible. The measures, mostly related to liquidity, have yielded many key lessons about blind spots in policy design that left young startups without being able to access support. 

While still burdened by immediate and urgent business survival matters, public officials represented in the Startup Nations policy network report they are now gearing up to remove barriers toward a sustained entrepreneur-led recovery. Moreover, according to the Index of Dynamic Entrepreneurship 2020 report, governments are poised to step up their level of engagement with entrepreneur-support organizations in the private sector in order to catalyze the recovery process.  

As governments decisively turn to entrepreneurs for help in meeting the urgent challenges ahead of us, we are also observing a renewed committed to entrepreneurial innovation. The work towards these goals are also revealing roadblocks that need attention, which will be discussed via a series of Startup Nations Policy Dialogues and other events during Global Entrepreneurship Week in Bangladesh, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, New Zealand, Paraguay, the United States and beyond.

In the lead up to these important policy gatherings, over the course of this year, we have connected with policy leaders on the cusp of preparedness to meet the challenges ahead. We invite you to learn about the policy experiences at the regional level in Flanders, Belgium, and Victoria, Australia, from the perspective of their own policy champions. We have also uncovered the strategies that are sustaining the entrepreneurial economies in cities like Fukuoka, Japan and New York City, USA. Our year-round work to give visibility to the role of government in various ecosystems spans a wide range of areas that intersect with entrepreneurship, from the impact of European data protection regulation on startups, to institutional flexibility in Puerto Rico

The Apolitical.co platform also invited the GEN Policy community members to share with their peers in government about what they do. This series of articles features the unique work of entrepreneurship officials across the globe, such as: 

  • Brazil: Igor Nazareth, who for almost 13 years now has been advising top officials in their bid to modernize the country's policy and regulatory framework for entrepreneurship, shared about the five pillars of the country's entrepreneur support scheme.  
  • Argentina: Pablo Peralta tells us how an Argentinean province mobilized entrepreneurs and ecosystem support organizations during the pandemic.
  • Lithuania: Lina Vaiciuniene explained to public servants that borders are not the limit when seeking to boost entrepreneurial human capital. 
  • Colombia: Ignacio Gaitan explained how his country is building bridges to ecosystems across the ocean in favor of innovative entrepreneurs. 

To contribute to the work ahead, GEN Research and the PRODEM think tank have included a roadmap to plan for medium term scenarios for entrepreneurship ecosystems in the Index of Dynamic Entrepreneurship 2020 report. Informed by experts in the field, the report unveils the mega-trends which are likely to shape conditions for dynamic entrepreneurship in the next three years. Ecosystem builders' ability to anticipate these trends' positive and negative effects will key in defining the next set of smart strategies.

We are also proud to offer the revamped GEN Atlas as a resource. In this compendium, you will find information crowdsourced by those implementing programs and policies on the ground, as well as specific pieces of knowledge from resource partners like the OECD Centre for Entrepreneurs, which recently published 16 case studies of inspiring practice policies from 12 governments. 

We hope these resources will bring a renewed sense of clarity during these times of persisting uncertainty.

Happy Global Entrepreneurship Week!

Cristina A. Fernandez

Vice President for Policy + Research | Global Entrepreneurship Network

Cristina Fernández focuses on integrating public officials into startup ecosystems across the world, creating platforms for them to exchange ideas… More