Support Continues to Grow for Entrepreneurship in Russia

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018 is less than a week away, and it is projected to get even more people excited about the possibility of entrepreneurship in Russia.

According to the Center for Entrepreneurship (CFE), the official GEW host in Russia, GEW has become a mainstream celebration thanks in part to the support from the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Economic Development. In fact, 2018 marks the seventh year the ministry has supported movement.

2018 is expected to mark another year with high turnout for GEW. CFE reports that more than 50 regions in Russia have provided feedback on planned GEW events. According to CFE projections, at least 300 events of different formats are planned across Russia, more than 500 organizers are involved in GEW 2018 and more than 250,000 people are expected to participate in this year’s celebration.

“Since 2007, Global Entrepreneurship Week has become a favorite project in Russia," said Ekaterina Vainberg, head of entrepreneurship programs at the Center for Entrepreneurship. "Like people awaiting the holidays, entrepreneurs look forward to celebrating GEW and sharing their knowledge and experience. Every year GEW unites over 50 Russian regions and is supported at the highest level by the Ministry of the Economic Development of the Russian Federation.”

For GEW 2018, CFE is highlighting three key events:

  1. Virtual talks between CFE and other GEW hosts in 10 countries. The talks will be live streamed at 4:00 p.m. Moscow time (13:00 UTC) every day from November 12 to 16. Each broadcast will last one hour and include talks with two countries at a time. The broadcast will be in English with Russian translation. Registration is free and people are highly encouraged to join the talks and learn more about the GEN Ecosystem. Register with this link:
  2. Press conference on the official opening of GEW in Russia with the Deputy Minister of Economic Development for the Russian Federation. Along with Deputy Minister Vadim Zhivulin, the press conference will include Victor Sedov, general director at the Center for Entrepreneurship, and Alexander Kalinin, president of OPORA of Russia. The press conference will be held by TASS – the oldest and biggest news agency in Russia. The press conference will be streamed on the TASS website.
  3. OPORA to hold week of events in St. Petersburg dedicated to GEW 2018. The series of more than 60 events will include more than 50 speakers and is projected to attract more than 10,000 participants. To learn more about the week of events, go to the official website here:


To learn more about CFE and GEW in Russia, follow this link:

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