Startup Huddle St. Lucia February 2020


This SLUDTERA program event is sponsored by 758 Books Café Littéraire.

On Wednesday February 12th 2020, two Entrepreneurs will pitch to an audience and expert about their startups. Gian Xiu of Team Belize from Belize Virtual Center Ltd. and Isaiah Lorde from Wefixit.

They will each present for 6 minutes followed by Q&A with the expert panel, then Q&A with the audience. Surveys will be completed by the expert panel and audience on the presentations made. More details will be posted soon.

This is an open space for the local Entrepreneurial Community to share, provide advice and feedback in an effort to find solutions to their challenges.

Persons who will be attending the event are advised to research both companies, take a look at their pages and/or websites so that they can become familiar with what each company is about. That way, a more insightful and engaging discussion and Q&A session can be held.

We invite the following persons to attend;
* Corporate leaders
* Representatives of Small Business Development Centre - SBDC, Saint Lucia, Invest Saint Lucia, St. Lucia Chamber, Ministry of Commerce
* Entrepreneurs
* Potential investors
* Unemployed persons
* YLAI Alumni
* YLAI Network Members
* U.S. Dept. of State Program Alumni
* Aspiring Entrepreneurs
* Members of the media particularly, magazine editors and online newspaper reporters
* Members of the public
* Business and Accounts Teachers/Lecturers
* Secondary School students
* Tertiary level School students

Attendees can purchase refreshments from Cafe Litteraire