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SBA Sets Agenda for Entrepreneurship in 2016 at GEC

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The Global Entrepreneurship Congress brings entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and policymakers together to discuss best practices, success stories and entrepreneurial community stories. A pioneering aspect of this event is the Ministerial panel – an exclusive session of policymakers and government leaders, providing a forum to openly discuss entrepreneurial policy.

This chance for dialogue is a platform for those in a prime position to drive change to collaborate, learn, and improve the global entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Maria Contreras-Sweet, the panel lead and voice for small businesses in the United States, spoke passionately about the importance of this dialogue.

“While the Ministers of defence meet to talk about security, and the Ministers of trade meet to talk about international markets, I am so glad that we, the Ministers of entrepreneurship get this opportunity to meet - because we will change the world,” said Contreras-Sweet

This statement reminds the entrepreneurial community that developing entrepreneurial policy should be a priority of every government because, as GEN President Jonathan Ortmans says, , entrepreneurship is the “human endeavour for the benefit of all.”

The cabinet-level discussion provides a platform to share emerging best practices, and to share lessons learnt from domestic policy making in order to improve entrepreneurship across the world. A GEC delegate from the University of Texas spoke of the poignancy of this panel, and the importance of involving countries that span continents, cultures and creative endeavours.

He said it is a rare chance for a dialogue between a spectrum of countries from those at the top to those at the bottom, and it’s about working together in order for those at the top to continue to push, bringing those at the bottom with them.

The goal of this panel is for policymakers to return home with new ideas for how to promote and release innovations, developing the entrepreneurial sector through positive changes to public policy.

It will be fascinating to hear later how the outcome of this Ministerial discussion, what lessons have been learnt and best-practices shared in this reinvented platform of ministerial engagement.

Photo Credit: Alfonso Prada, Twitter

Elizabeth Kohorn-Hill is a student with the University of Sheffield and is reporting on the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Medellín, Colombia.  

Kohorn-Hill is interested in the entrepreneurial skillset and how this can be read across into 'lesson learnt' for Government and policy… About the author