Hargeisa: #GEW2021 Event Focuses on Young Somali Entrepreneurs
Hargeisa: Inspiration, Advocacy, Networking and Award Event for Young Entrepreneurs
11 Nov 2021

Shaqodoon, the host organization behind Global Entrepreneurship Week in Somaliland, with the country's Ministry of Trade and Tourism will organize an inspirational networking and award event in Hargeisa on Sunday, November 14th 2021. The event intends to encourage, advocate, connect and inspire youth entrepreneurs with early-stage startups.

The event will gather youth entrepreneurs, government officials, key business people, banks and ecosystem activists:

  • Youth entrepreneurs:  Young entrepreneurs who have been invested by Shaqodoon and successfully launched their business in 2021 will participate in the events. They will receive additional investments awards and a toolkits
  • Banks: Representatives from various banks will attend the event to inspire entrepreneurs and share their investment procedures
  • Government: Some senior government officials included ministries, DGs and other officers from the ministry of trade, ministry investment, and the ministry of youth will participate in the event. The ministry of trade will present the MSM policy that was launched recently by the ministry of commerce and will share how this policy is beneficial to the SMEs
  • Key business people/Entrepreneurs: Some successful entrepreneurs from different business sectors will participate in the event to inspire and encourage young entrepreneurs. Successful entrepreneurs will share their business journeys and the young people can learn from their expertise.   

Entrepreneurs will be encouraged to network with each other and share experiences. They will also be encouraged to get connected to the government officials to better understand the government regulation on startups and how they can benefit from the government services. 

Abdiqani Dirie

Manager | Shaqodoon