22 On Sloane Pitching Competition Heats-up During Global Entrepreneurship Week
16 Nov 2017

With two days remaining of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, the heat is turning-up at 22 ON SLOANE where entrepreneurs and small business are pitching their innovative ideas for a shot at the main prize — residency at the newly launched GEN Africa Campus – 22 ON SLOANE.   

On Thursday the panel of judges will officially close the competition before announcing the selected residents on 28 November 2017. 

More than 350 Startups from across South Africa and other parts of the African continent have already pitched their ideas to the judging panel selected from across the private and public sectors.

“It has been an exciting and eye-opening moment for all attending. Presenting your business to a group of strangers is no easy feat. The nerves take over and sometimes you stumble,  however, all these brave business men and women have demonstrated passion, grit and determination, and that will place them in good stead for the future. From a data perspective the competition has given us further insights into the Startup space and the needs of entrepreneurs.  We will take the information sourced over the last few days and apply it to our programmes with the sole intent of producing world-class African startups that can scale," said Kizito Okechukwu, co-chair of GEN Africa, Kizito Okechukwu.   

22 On Sloane is about building a community from all over the African continent and producing disruptors and innovators who will shape our world for the better. At the heart of 22 On Sloane’s existence is helping to create a new generation of entrepreneurs, who will improve peoples’ lives across the continent as well.  The campus is the first one opened by the Global Entrepreneurship Network – offering direct and virtual support services to entrepreneurs throughout Africa as well as access to an international network of mentors, investors and entrepreneurial support organizations. 

The launch event, which was held on Friday 10th November, also coincided with Global Entrepreneurship Week’s 10th Anniversary  – celebrated by 10 million participants across 35,000 events, activities and competitions in more than 165 countries around the world. 

Short-listed applicants for a 12-month residency will be unveiled in the coming days.

For more information, visit: www.22onsloane.co



Kizito Okechukwu

Managing Director

Kizito Okechukwu is the managing director of GEN South Africa and the co-chair of GEN Africa, leading the development of the Global… More