10 Finalists to Compete in Future Agro Challenge Global Championship at GEC 2016
25 Feb 2016

International Future Agro Challenge (FAC) finalists will participate in the FAC Global Championship at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Medellín, Colombia, this March, competing for the title of “Agribusiness of the Year.”

FAC culminates every year with its Global Championship, where the most promising ideas and ventures are selected to compete on an international level.

Each nation announced its winners between the months of November 2015 to January 2016. In January, the 10 finalists were selected to compete in Colombia. The startup finalists include Cowlar, VaCuCh, Evaptainers, CropX, Ava's Farm, G-Harvesting, Elementaree, Kuchara, Zhashyl and Charba.

In 2015, FAC received Global VIP Recognition, and the competition organization was invited by the White House to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Nairobi, Kenya.

“Agribusiness is an industry critical to our future,” said Carla Tanas, co-founder of Industry Disruptors – Game Changers – Future Agro Challenge. “Watching FAC organically grow into more countries and creating more impact makers around the world demonstrates its need. FAC has gone beyond a global competition, it has become a useful tool to learn about the different challenges in every region and the innovative solutions that are being addressed, also offering a platform for transfer of knowledge.  In addition, it is a network that empowers the key players who play a vital role in our food supply chain.”

FAC is the largest global competition that discovers innovate fundable food, ag-tech and agriculture ventures from various corners of the globe. The competition addresses national, regional and global challenges. FAC provides key tools and opportunities to help entrepreneurs grow their business and expand into new markets. It is working to make a difference on a global level by increasing interaction among agro innovators, entrepreneurs and stakeholders.

FAC began in Greece – in a country rich in diversity in both wild and cultivated plant species, developing botanical and agricultural practices for millennia and a country who helped create the famous Mediterranean diet.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that investment in agriculture needs to rise by more than 50 percent, making innovation in agriculture a necessity. Regrettably, agricultural investment in developing countries decreased sharply over the last decade. Substantial increases are needed to eradicate hunger and poverty, create decent jobs and livelihood opportunities, and to ensure environmental sustainability.

As there is not one simple solution to any of the complex global challenges, FAC's international network supports agro innovators, startups, farmers, manufacturers and distributors

FAC is in direct alignment with the UN Global Goal of Zero Hunger. Zero Hunger can be achieved by tackling food insecurity and malnutrition while promoting sustainable agriculture and food.

FAC attracts visionaries who bring solutions for socioeconomic growth and entrepreneurship in local communities, as well as, regional and global markets. FAC seeks ideas to advance ag-tech, agriculture production and processing, nutrition and health, agriculture biotech, biofuels, evergreen practices, robotics and precision agriculture, agro logistics, farmer incomes, education, agrotourism, safety and health, and packaging. FAC addresses the future of healthy food from the farmer to the consumer, and furthers the agricultural revolution that is underway.

So far, in the past two years, FAC has been established in more than 30 countries from five continents and has received more than 2,000 applications from startups all over the world. FAC has offered a podium to 20 startups to pitch their idea live in front of a global audience, while it has already awarded more than 10 innovative startups with 500,000 € of private funding.

In 2015, the Global Winner of FAC 2014, was invited to the White House.

“The Future Agro Challenge was a fantastic event for us to experience and learn from the global agricultural and start-up industry. The organizers made the presentations and competitions fun and engaging, although speaking live alongside many other brilliant ideas and in front of an audience of millions was nerve-racking to say the least! Our biggest takeaways were in the meetings we had with other teams and investors, where we were able to form beneficial partnerships.” says Connor Burns, Founder of Bermuda Aerial Media - Global Winner of FAC 2014.

This year the FAC Global Championship will take place on Tuesday, March 15, at the Plaza Mayor Convention and Exhibition Center in Medellin, Colombia, during the Global Entrepreneurship Congress. 

Future Agro Challenge is a Greek initiative and is being globally powered by Industry Disruptors – Game Changers (ID-GC)

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