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In many cities, there is no one entry point into the local startup community. Individuals often feel like they have to “know” someone or, at minimum, have a successful business to engage in the startup community. Startup Huddle should serve as an entry point for anyone in the community hoping to engage with entrepreneurs. An important, intentional aspect of the program is its complete lack of barriers to entry – this is essential to playing an introductory role. As such, one important metric we track is the number of attendees joining each session, as well as a breakdown of the number of new participants attending each session. 

Apply to Organize

Apply to organize Startup Huddle in your city or community. Member-leaders make Startup Huddle a success, and the Global Entrepreneurship Network is here to help. We are currently looking for members interested in starting new Startup Huddles in their city. If you are interested, please fill out this form in order to apply to help make the future of startups better for all.