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What is Global Entrepreneurship Week? 

Global Entrepreneurship Week is the world’s biggest celebration of entrepreneurship and a weeklong festival of live events taking place throughout the UK. GEW celebrates and cultivates the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the UK and helps people at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey. This week of face-to-face networking, discovery and learning creates an inclusive and sustainable growth environment for organisations, entrepreneurs and social enterprises of all shapes and sizes.

The events within GEW are all run by different organisations. Anyone is free to become a GEW host or run an event as part of the Week. The full programme of events, searchable by region and topic, will be available on this website throughout October 2016.

When is Global Entrepreneurship Week?

Global Entrepreneurship Week takes place each November. The exact dates for this year are November 14 – 20

When did Global Entrepreneurship Week start?

2007. The UK was a founding partner of the campaign. Representatives from 37 countries were on hand when GEW was launched in 2007 by Carl Schramm, president and CEO of the Kauffman Foundation, and Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Included in those 37 countries were the first 18 Host organizations to commit their countries to the campaign.

By November 2008, Host organisations in 77 countries had officially signed on, and 3 million people participated in 25,022 events and activities. In three short years, the movement reached 104 countries—under the guidance and direction of the Kauffman Foundation in the U.S. and Enterprise UK in London with financial support from the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Today Global Entrepreneurship Week in the UK is run as an independent charity for the benefit of the UK entrepreneurship community. 

How many countries participate in Global Entrepreneurship Week?

Exactly 149 countries now celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week each November (complete list by continent). GEW is a fantastic opportunity to connect with a truly global enterprise community

Where is Global Entrepreneurship Week happening? 

Everywhere. Global Entrepreneurship Week is not one single event--it is tens of thousands of events, activities and competitions happening in 149 countries. In the UK GEW is a collection of hundreds of events which take place at various venues. Venue choice is entirely up to the host of each individual event and full details for each can be found within the events list

Who can get involved in Global Entrepreneurship Week?

Anybody. Anywhere. Anytime. Organisations can get involved in a variety of capacities— planning events and activities as a local partner or even coordinating the initiative for an entire country as a GEW host. Individuals interested in exploring their entrepreneurial potential can find a broad array of activities—from local events to global competitions. Entrepreneurs and investors can share their ideas and experiences—face-to-face or online. How you get involved is up to you.

Who coordinates the activity?

The week is coordinated by GEW UK  an independent charity in the UK. GEW UK works closely with hosts across the UK to build a comprehensive and coherent campaign which adds real value to the UK entrepreneurship ecosystem.

In 2016 GEW is working with a range of trusted “Compass Partners” who are experts in their specialised area of entrepreneurship development. 

Why should you plan or schedule an activity during Global Entrepreneurship Week?

By hosting an event or activity during Global Entrepreneurship Week you have a positive—and potentially life-changing—impact on aspiring and nascent entrepreneurs, moving them along the spectrum from simply having idea to actually launching a startup. In addition, these activities help recognize and celebrate the contributions made to your community by local entrepreneurs.

More directly, planning one or more events during GEW also has some tangible benefits for you and your organization:

  • Raise awareness of your organisation and gain recognition for the work you do throughout the year.
  • Reach new audiences within your community, potentially identifying talented volunteers or even new employees.
  • Enhance your leadership profile within the entrepreneurial ecosystem of your city, county, region or country.
  • Strengthen connections with existing supporters and sponsors by providing them with more visibility.

What topics are covered during GEW?

With more than 1,000 events in 2015 almost everything you can imagine is covered as part of the campaign. You can search events on our site from late October. Each event will be tagged with specific topic areas and keywords helping you to find the most relevant events for you. Don’t forget that some events are fully online and you can enjoy them via live stream from the comfort of your own screen. 

What are the compass points?                   

Entrepreneurship is a journey and we recognise that GEW can play an important role in helping entrepreneurs find their direction.

Based on feedback from our participants in 2015 we’ve identified areas where the UK’s entrepreneurs are looking for tailored and focused support, from Intellectual Property rights to how to establish a social enterprise.

We’ve developed partnerships with some of the UK’s leading enterprise organisations who are working with GEW in 2016 as Compass partners and will be curating and sharing some of the best information and resources related to these key areas.

The Compass Point programme is curated by the GEW and its Compass partners. Featuring leading enterprise support organisations and leading entrepreneurs from around the UK, this programme will provide a framework and central agenda for the week covering each of the compass points.

Hosting events


What are the criteria for becoming an official Global Entrepreneurship Week event host?

GEW is a truly grassroots and open source campaign. Accordingly, we welcome event submissions from partners across the UK. In order to be listed as an event on the GEW website your event must take place in November and been focused on supporting and developing entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the UK. GEWUK reserves the right to remove any event listings which we deem inappropriate.

Who is responsible for the management of my event?

Each host is 100% responsible for the management and running of their own event. GEW supports every host where possible to ensure their event is well planned and successfully promoted, but the events remain the responsibility of GEW partner organisations.

What does it cost to host a GEW event

Hosting a GEW event is free, and it always will be! We offer commercial promotion opportunities to help selected events reach the widest possible audience. Please contact the GEW partnership team for more info. 

What do event hosts receive?

  • Website event listing
  • All events will be listed on the GEWUK website event list. This list will be categorised by topic, event type, location, date and time and will give you visibility to the huge GEWUK community.  
  • All GEW event hosts will receive a web log in allowing them to edit and manage their listing(s) in real time.
  • Official GEW week hosts will have permission to use official GEW branding throughout their marketing collateral. We will provide a pack containing basic assets and will supply additional versions on demand.
  • Social media mentions
  • GEW is active on Twitter and Facebook. We’ll share all events via both channels and engage in coordinated social media engagement in the run up to your event  
  • Invitations to networking events throughout the year

GEWUK is part of the Global Entrepreneurship Network - a global community of leaders in the entrepreneurship space. GEWUK event hosts automatically become GEW partners and gain access to a range of ongoing, year round activity. 

Who is the audience?

The GEW audience is very broad and is driven by the types of events that take place within the week. Hosting a GEW event gives you exposure to the full breadth of the UK enterprise community, so being clear in who your event is targeted at is important.  

Attendees include business people from a range of industries, startups, investors, academia, students, policy makers, technicians, consumers and international delegations.

Where can I find a schedule of events?

The full events list will be live in October and will continue to grow as more hosts add their events. The events list will be filterable by topic area. You will also be able to browse by day and time.

How can I find out who’s hosting each event?

Each event listing will contain host information within it.

Can I sponsor GEW?

There are a limited number of sponsorship opportunities associated with GEW 2016. Please contact GEWUK through our contact form and a member of the partnership team will get back to you.