Entrepreneurship is a journey that can take you anywhere.

Use #GEWGO and connect to a GEW event that can help you reach your destination.

Whether you are at the idea stage, starting up a business or looking to unlock new markets for your established business there is an event taking place in November that can help you #GEWGo.

#GEWGo is also the place to share tips and seek advice from our huge  GEW community in the UK and a global network of entrepreneurs, mentors, and coaches in 170 countries. As the UK business community comes to terms with a changed reality as we exit the European Union,  #GEWGo provides a valuable platform to develop new international relationships and promote the vibrant UK entrepreneurship ecosystem abroad. 

We’re also working in collaboration with our headline Compass Partners to help GEW participants access curated tools and resources. in keeping with their expertise our Compass Partners will help participants #GEWGo further after attending a new event and build meaningful connections in a range of key thematic areas.

Go Local, Go Global, Go for new markets, go for growth, Go further, Go export, go further go for new business, go ahead. Go network #GEWGo

Whether you want to go local with a new start up or take your existing business global with access to new export markets, or just go to the next level with your developing idea. GEW is a ticket to start your own entrepreneurial journey.


Every year tens of thousands of people attend Global Entrepreneurship Week events up and down the UK.

We estimate that since the first GEW in the UK more than three million people have attended at GEWUK event. 

But still, not enough of these people use their new connections and skills to take real steps towards starting a business.The UK needs more entrepreneurs and it needs more businesses. #GEWGo is designed to connect people to the next onward step they need on their own journey and provide real fuel to the UK economy. 

#GEWGo is also the platform for the launch the new UK chapter of the Global Entrepreneurship Network. During GEW we will open registrations to our new GEWGo community. GEWGo, is an open source and truly representative network geared towards collaboration and impact at scale. At the most fundamental level, it links entrepreneurs and the institutions which support them together. Once established, GENUK connects this unified ecosystem to an international peer community operating at the cutting edge of ecosystem development. GENUK is about creating jobs

Not everyone who starts a business is an entrepreneur, but their entrepreneurial instincts and the interdependent networks they sustain are increasingly well understood as fundamental drivers of economic growth.

 We need more sophisticated tools, programs, and research to help us support ecosystem growth at all levels and better data to help us efficiently direct resources to areas that have the greatest impact on future economic growth.

For more information about Global Entrepreneurship Week, or how you can get started in your country, visit gew.co/start.