Why GEW?

The challenge is simple: while more than half of the population consistently say they would like to start their own business, less than 5% ever do. 




Why GEW and why entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs fuel economic growth, by creating jobs and improving communities through the creation of new products and services. But in the UK, although around one-third of the adult population say that they would like to set up their own business, only 7% ever do.

Mass participation in activities designed to promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking have proven outcomes in addressing these issues and helping aspiring or prospective entrepreneurs to get started

GEWUK is the perfect vehicle to engage more people into the transformative power of entrepreneurship. 



The UK sits at the heart of a vibrant community of 150 countries participating in the campaign, offering participants unparalleled opportunities to connect globally. As we enter uncertain times for UK business, these global connections are more important than ever.


 Our campaign celebrates all kinds of entrepreneurship, from the sole traders and business owners who keep the UK moving to the next Richard Branson and everyone in between.


Seven days to get the whole country talking about entrepreneurship and business - and still it does not’t feel like enough time,. The week long nature of the campaign gives us and our partners plenty of opportunities to reach the right people and lots of time for the right people get involved in the campaign.


UK Trends

  • Entrepreneurial ambitions are even more acute among certain demographic groups – particularly among young people and women.
  • Young people in the UK are three times more likely to be unemployed than adults.
  • More than twice as many men start up businesses as women.
  • Mass participation in activities designed to promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking has proven outcomes in addressing these issues. Global Entrepreneurship Week – which began life in the UK back in 2004 as Enterprise Week – is the world’s largest campaign to promote entrepreneurship and is recognised by organisations all over the UK as the highlight of the entrepreneurship calendar.

As a result of the 2015 campaign

  • 86% of participants said that they felt more confident about starting a business or making their business a success
  • 74% of participants said they are more likely to start a business
  • 63% of participants who were not entrepreneurs said that they had gained a new business idea or been inspired
  • 54% of participants said that they had acquired new skills
  • 50% of entrepreneur participants said that they had made new contacts to help them in their business