Lauren Simmons Breaks Retail Investing Barriers in New Click-to-Invest Series
The history-making trader hosts a new TV series that helps companies raise capital from retail investors through Reg A+ offerings.
22 Nov 2021

Lauren Simmons is in the business of shattering glass ceilings and helping companies raise capital in non-traditional ways. At just 27 years old, she’s already made waves as the youngest and only full-time female trader on Wall Street, and as only the second black woman to ever trade on the bustling equity trading floor. She’s now the host of Going Public, a first-of-its-kind show that allows for viewers to invest in four companies, in an approachable way typically reserved for institutional investors, angel investors and venture capitalists. The show is coming soon to and the Global Entrepreneurship Network. 

After earning a degree in genetics from Kennesaw State University, Simmon’s didn’t let the absence of a traditional finance background hold her back. She moved from Georgia to New York City and began working with Richard Rosenblatt, CEO of Rosenblatt Securities, who thought it prudent to take a chance on a young woman who was willing to dive into the industry with drive, gumption and heart. Although it was reported she made only $12,000 that year on the trading floor, she made history nonetheless. Her rise to the public sphere was widely recognized; by 2018, Simmons was named to Ebony's Power 100 list and Politico added her to its 2018 Women of Impact list.

Much like her career to-date, Simmons is breaking barriers yet again with her new role as Going Public’s host. The new series allows viewers to Click-to-Invest in featured deals while they watch the show. 

Mentorship is a major key element of Going Public’s first season, as Simmons knows having a strong mentor is crucial to success. She credits her hunger for information and the connections she has made for her success in her early days on the New York Stock Exchange. She studied to pass the tests necessary to work on the trading floor, but more to show others she could handle the work. Also to show her hard-working, single mother back in Georgia what she is made of and to make her proud. As she told Harper’s Bazaar in 2019, “Had I not advocated for myself, I think I would have been just another woman on the trading floor.” The upcoming series also features mentors, including GEN chair Jeff Hoffman, who provide valuable business feedback, advice, and at times, tough love to the companies featured on the show. 

Simmons shares that all of her mentors so far have been men and she is looking forward to being a strong female role model for others interested in finance.

Another element of retail investing that calls to Simmons is that by nature, it’s a system blind to demographic aspects like race, gender, and location. Underrepresented groups in the financial world are typically women, and people of color. Going Public aims to provide opportunities to all viewers while they watch. For more information about the show and the featured companies, please go to

Learn more about Going Public here.



Todd Goldberg

Co-Founder & Co-CEO | Crush Capital Inc.

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