Crowdfunding 2020 Livestream: Best Practices to Ensure Product Delivery

Considering crowdfunding? Don't miss our Livestream keynote presentation and panel discussion with successful crowdfunding entrepreneurs to learn best practices for ensuring successful product delivery and avoiding common pitfalls. Ask your questions via YouTube chat! REGISTER NOW.

Global crowdfunding campaigns totaled 6,455,080 last year, with $17.2 billion generated in North America alone--up 33.7% over last year. While best practices for attaining crowdfunding revenue goals are well established, less clear is how to ensure product delivery as promised to backers. Crowdfunded gadgets are often delayed for months or years, and in some cases, they never ship at all. For instance, nearly 1 in 10 Kickstarter projects entirely fail to deliver promised rewards to their backers. 

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Our keynote speaker is Tim Dir, CEO of Rad Sourcing, which provides companies with specialized solutions for their manufacturing needs, including product development, cost reduction, quality control, and high-volume manufacturing solutions with the goal of making manufacturing a competitive advantage their clients. Tim has been a backer for over a dozen crowdfunding ventures.

Our elite panel of experienced entrepreneurs have been there, done that, with crowdfunding:

  • Noah Dentzel, CEO/Co-Founder of Nomad Goods. Nomad dreams up and builds out award-winning modern, minimalist accessories for smartphones and smartwatches. Noah successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter (2012), Indiegogo (2013) and CircleUp (2014), and sells through select retail and distribution partners in the US and globally, as well as direct to consumer to Nomad customers around the world. 

  • Nate Lawrie, Founder and CEO at Brazyn Life, LLCBrazyn Life is a performance lifestyle brand that provides "athletes-on-the-go" with the tools they need to stay in peak physical condition. Brazyn's flagship product is THE MORPH foam roller, launched in 2015. It's the most portable/storable foam roller in the world, providing the usability and functionality of a standard size foam roller with groundbreaking Collapsible Core Technology (CCT). Nate successfully leveraged Kickstarter and Shark Tank to fund his launch, and he's an ex-NFL player with the New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Cincinnati Bengals

  • John Stump, Founder of Go Chair. John is the inventor of Go Chair, now CLIQ, a bottle sized portable chair, that raised over 1.5MM in sales on Indiegogo. John is also VP of Engineering for Shine bathroom cleaner that has raised over 423k on Indiegogo.

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