CELEBRATE | October 15, 2020

Financing the Future: Virtual Deal Flow That Flows in the Age of Coronavirus

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

During Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), GEW USA national partner, Conveners.org will be hosting 'Financing the Future -- Virtual Deal Flow That Flows in the Age of Coronavirus.' Since the start of the pandemic, entrepreneurs have needed to navigate a new, virtual world. This has affected how they work, make connections and get business done. Conveners.org will be addressing how our interactions have changed and how startups can get the most out of virtual events.

Conveners.org builds powerful mission-driven communities to connect, learn, and collaborate with each other. They have developed industry resources to break down silos and unlock the collective potential of the Impact Ecosystem.  

2020 has upended the way business gets done. We haven't had an actual happy hour since March, the networking that makes our worlds go round happens from 'Brady Bunch-style' boxes and most of us spend hours each day "on Zoom" going anything but fast.

But what if we could make these virtual interactions more than a necessary evil? What if, instead of awkward silences, tech glitches and zoom fatigue, our virtual engagements fostered trust, sparked vigorous meaty discussion and smoothed the way to quick yes's (or, second-best, quick no's)? They can.

And in this 90-minute interactive Global Entrepreneurship Week workshop, we'll explore how. We'll dig into designing purpose-first virtual events that meet these very particular objectives, tips and tricks for online facilitation and the tools and platforms best situated to enable the interactions we need.

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