Global Entrepreneurship Week is Coming to Morrisville, NC
Morrisville, North Carolina
Photo Credit: Morrisville, NC
Glenna Gonzalez, Community Organizer for Global Entrepreneurship Week in Morrisville, North Carolina looks forward to an inclusive week of events.
27 Aug 2021

Global Entrepreneurship Week USA (GEW USA) is just around the corner (November 8-14, 2021) and plans are coming to life in hundreds of communities across all 50 states. In the weeks leading up to GEW, GEN USA is shining a spotlight on State Coordinators and Community Organizers to find out how entrepreneurs will be empowered and celebrated in their region. 

This week, we spoke with Glenna Gonzalez, Community Organizer for GEW in Morrisville, North Carolina. Glenna is also the Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at JB Tyler Marketing & Consulting, LLC, a long-time entrepreneur, consultant and mentor. Read our interview to hear how Glenna and her community are coming together locally during Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021. 

GEN: What activities are taking place in Morrisville during GEW?

Gonzalez: We will have an "Ask the Expert Showcase" at Regus-Meridian Office Park where business owners will have an opportunity to share their expertise with attendees. Another event, "Teen Talks - Gigs and Side Hustles," is geared toward high school and/or community college classes. A luncheon at the Boxyard Research Park will convene 20 small business owners while dinner at local restaurant "The Goat" will be an opportunity for entrepreneurs to discuss business growth issues and techniques. 

GEN: What are your community's goals for GEW 2021? 

Gonzalez: We want to include startups and small business owners in a way that makes them feel appreciated and respected for what they do for their communities and the expertise they share with the rest of us. So far, the business owners that I have been speaking with are not that familiar with GEW. We will be bringing more awareness about GEW to our community so business owners look forward to participating every year. We certainly want to be effective in our inclusion of everyone who wants to participate.

GEN: What trends, if any, are you noticing in your local startup community? 

Gonzalez: There are feelings of uncertainty for the future, and that is certainly understandable. With these COVID-19 variants, no one knows what to expect. They are concerned about how their businesses will be affected. While that is not necessarily a trend, it is most notable at this time.

GEN: Please add anything else you would like to share. 

Gonzalez: I am so excited about GEW this year, and I feel honored to be the Community Organizer for Morrisville. The activities we are planning will be helpful for entrepreneurs and anyone else who would like to participate. We want to have a lasting impact in our area and hope to have attendees participate annually. We want them to look forward to this very special week that is designed to help them scale and grow.


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