Venezuela Recognizes Best Social & Business Initiatives
22 Nov 2013

The eleventh edition of Concurso Ideas wrapped up during Global Entrepreneurship Week in Venezuela when awards were given in the categories of best business plans and social entrepreneurship. The annual completion ended after a process of training, advice and selection that began last May.


“Concurso Ideas 2013” awarded winners the amounts of Bs 80.000, 50.000 and 30.000 to the three best business plans. In the category of best sustainable social entrepreneurship initiatives Bs 60.000 bolivars to the two top teams. Special Mentions were awarded in both categories for Bs 10.000.

During the 2008 edition of Concurso Ideas, a tradition began of companies that support the competition giving special awards to winners. This year, special awards were be given by Ford Motor de Venezuela in the form of a Ford Fiesta. Women Entrepreneurs were given Bs 50.000 byChevronCadena Capriles gave Digital Entrepreneurs Bs 50.000, and the Wayra Award awarded a spot in WayraWeek Venezuela.

In this eleventh edition, two new awards were added. Digitel presented the Bs 50.000 Connectivity Social Impact Award to the best project in the category of business or social enterprise that uses an innovative mobile phone as a tool for social development. The Mercantile Bank Award for was given for the Best Young Social Entrepreneurs between the ages of 19-24 years old in the amount of Bs 100.000.

More than 1500 ideas and 700 projects participated in “Concurso Ideas 2013”.  74 projects were selected as semifinalists, which were then narrowed down to 23 finalists. Twelve were in the Business Plan category and eleven were in Social Entrepreneurship. Each group defended their projects to a judging panel of experts and business leaders committed to national entrepreneurship.

When presentation rounds were completed, judges selected the three best business plans, the two best sustainable social entrepreneurship initiatives and special mentions. The winners will be announced on November 22 on national newspapers and through

“Concurso Ideas” has been supporting national entrepreneurship by training participants through forums, workshops, and specialized counseling for the preparation developments in Business Plans and Sustainable Social Entrepreneurship for 11 years now.