Collaborative GEN Indonesia - GEN Nigeria Entrepreneurship Camp in Abuja, Nigeria, October 30 - November 1, 2019

Activity Description

On October 30 - November 1, 2019, GEN Indonesia was conducting an Entrepreneurship Camp for 20 Nigerian entrepreneurs in Abuja, Nigeria featuring among others Dr. Lanre Phillips of GEN NIgeria. The program was sponsored by the Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the framework of South - South Cooperation and Indonesia Aid as UN Security Council Member for 2019 - 2020. The 20 participants were coming from various area in Nigeria with businesses mostly in agricultural, husbandry and healthy lifestyle sectors. The camp was conducted in the Summerset Hotel by Usuma where all participants also stay overnight. The program focused on the personal mindset transformation followed by entrepreneurial skill set acquisition such as business model canvas and design thinking.