The Importance of Prior Knowledge
23 Apr 2015

The most common mistake that entreprenuer make is that they focus on their product. The tend to ignore to learn from the expert. However, this kind of knowledge is priceless. Expert may have experience that newborn entrepreneur haven't had. This subject is the one that was focused for Entrepreneurship Bootcamp with Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) (April 22nd, 2015).
On this bootcamp, participants got opportunity to ask and learn from the expert. Though not every participants work in Food and Beverage sector, but it was hoped that participants could get the mindset and apply on their business sector. 
James, professional barista and the manager of one cafe in Jakarta, share his experience in coffee business. He gave his view about the importance of prior knowledge about food and beverage coffee. There was also Maya, the ex-barista of one famous cafe in the world, who shared about her experience worked in the cafe, how to deal with customer and the back-office side. 

Prior knowledge is the knowledge we got before go into the business. Entrepreneur should know about the market demand, market need or even what they should prepare before going for business. 
"The most valueable knowledges are those that we get form the customer itself, experinced customer and those who know about customers", said Antonius Tanan. He wanted to emphasize that entrepreneur should not go with their own feeling and thought. Entrepreneur should have gone for reseach on the field. Byt this, it could decrease the number of failing. 

Ivan Sandjaja

Managing Director | GEN Indonesia

Ivan A. SANDJAJA, a native to Indonesia, received his degrees in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry from Berlin, Germany and San Diego, California… More