Startup Huddle - AI And VR Startups

Activity Description

Join us to know more about these Businesses in Iraq

AI is one of the most important sectors in the growing technology that are being used daily in different places in our lives, starting of the GPS to faces recognition and even the banks system, same thing goes to  VR that most of us know through snapchat filters and video games yet, it has a lot of more important roles in our lives like preforming surgeries from far and some more trials like the ones Facebook offered called metaverse to create a virtual work place.

our next session of startup huddle will be with Aintium startup that provides training services in AI field and Urion studio startup that helps commercial brans to covert their vision into VR for different uses like entertainment, commercial Adds and education.

The startups will be presenting their projects and have a session for Q and A before conducting an activity to solve an issue presented by the speakers. Following the activities, don't forget to save time to network over coffee and cake. Join us to share, collaborate and create! on Saturday 4th of September in The Station foundation for entrepreneurship.