Startup huddle - Food industry in Iraq

Activity Description

Food industry is a very large business sector in Iraq, and recently we have many startups in this field ones that got bigger with their continuous success and ones who started to target the less focused on community such as the vegan and vegetarian people. 

In this session we are targeting both of these sectors to know their stories, struggles and Challenges, we have two speakers with us who are going to share their stories. 

Rawnaq AlDur will be the first speaker and this is a company specialized food catering business and selling exclusive restaurants franchise rights in Iraq, this company owns exclusive agencies for international companies. with a total of 80 branches across the country.

Holiveg which is a commercial project specialized in providing healthy, natural and vegan products that are cruelty-free and environmentally friendly as possible. 

The startups will be presenting their projects and have a session for Q and A before conducting an activity to solve an issue presented by the speakers. Following the activities, don't forget to save time to network over coffee and cake. Join us to share, collaborate and create! on Saturday 25th of September.