Photo Credit: Daragh McDonagh
23 Nov 2016

Thursday 17 Nov; ENDA LEAHY, Founder and CE0 of Courtsdesk announced as the first Global Startup Master of The Throne at The Cantillon Pitch For The Throne competition , held at AIB Bank centre, Dublin.

#backedby AIB

Winner ENDA LEAHY, competed for  best investor ready pitch and won the grand prize of the Eddard Start Sword, ICE, an exclusive token from the HBO hit series, Game of Thrones. The competition is Ireland's new platform for high potential startups, where learning through competing offers a rich value-add experience for contestants. The competition is the creation of The Cantillon Foundation for Entrepreneurship in Ireland. President, Maree Helena said the power of a gathering presented in this way, in a Master Session format, gives the entrepreneurs a real opportunity to learn to scale in front of a live audience. "Ireland is host to a flow of globally high potential startups. The talent-pool needs a national platform of engagement and learning that helps them scale. Here they learn to scale through live performances inviting an engaging 'just in time' feedback session, from current investors and global and national experts, in an environment of likeminded entrepreneurs who are there to support and encourage."

Winner ENDA LEAHY says, "I came to the competition thinking it was a great opportunity to participate and perform in front of world experts and a live investor, but what I did not expect, was to be hailed winner. The competition was tough. My colleagues were tech companies of global standard. The most valuable experience for me was the format of the competition, as a Master Session on Pitching. I learned so much about where my strengths and weaknesses lie. The environment was fun, engaging and supportive. I met new people and learned other ways of presenting and doing business. I believe Courtsdesk will be stronger as result. For that I thank the judges and my colleagues who fought a hard battle."

The national event happened at AIB Bankcentre, Ballsbridge in Dublin, and is a main event of Global Entrepreneurship Week in Ireland. The AIB venue hosted the spectacular show, against a backdrop of the banks jaw dropping themed atrium, featuring props and live cast members from the HBO hit series, Game of Thrones. Appearing at the event, were the Dire wolves, a big hit with the audience of entrepreneurs. Queues of people lined up to get their photo, on the official Throne alongside the celebrity wolves, the protectors of the Stark family, from the hit series.

The show gathered hundreds of Ireland's emerging startups and a global expert led judging panel. Featured judges included Jonathan Ortmans, President, GEN Global, Gianni Matera, Entrepreneur & Seed Investor, Growing Capital, John Irwin, Head of SME Strategy & Propositions, AIB, Maree Helena, Founder, President, Canillon Foundation for Entrepreneurship,  Dane Stangler,VP Research & Policy, Kauffman Foundation.

Contestants include founders;  Mark Zmarzley, HIP POCKET; KARL LLEWELLYN, Sanctifly Club; ENDA LEAHY, Courtsdesk; LESLIE TURNER, School Wise; OLLIE FEGAN, Usheru

L-R - Judges with the winner of The Cantillon Pitch For The Throne, Enda Leahy, Founder of Courtsdesk (sitting on the Throne!), Dane Stangler, VP Research & Policy, Kauffman Foundation, Maree Helena, Founder, President, Cantillon Foundation for Entrepreneurship,  John Irwin, Head of SME Strategy & Propositions, AIB and Gianni Matera, Entrepreneur & Seed Investor, Growing Capital.


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