Japan holds the "始動 ( Start) Next Innovator" program for the 5th year in a row!
16 Nov 2020

The " 始動 ( Start)  Next innovator " program was launched under the impulsion of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the context of the "Silicon Valley-Japan Bridge Project" in 2015 to spur the next generation of innovation leaders. 

Throughout the last years over 600 entrepreneurs have participated in the program embodying the commitment of the Japanese civil society, the Japanese government, and the Japanese private sector to the entrepreneurship spirit and innovative mindset.

In spite of the coronavirus pandemic, the program has kicked-off this August with the support of Hiro Nishiguchi Acting Managing Director of GEN Japan for the 5th consecutive year, and will continue to commit increasingly to raising a generation of leaders to overcome the social, economic, and environmental challenges the world faces through collaboration, entrepreneurship, and innovation!

Coinciding with the beginning of GEW, participants of this year's edition have confirmed their pitches on November 15th for the final selection of the entrepreneurs who will be invited for the unique Silicon Valley program of 始動 ( Start)  Next innovator ". 


Tristan Bili

Project Manager | Japan Innovation Network

Project Manager @ Japan Innovation Network