SHIP launches the first :" Japan SDGs Innovation Challenge for UNDP Accelerator Labs" in collaboration with UNDP
18 Nov 2020

The SDGs Holistic Innovation Platform, “SHIP”  a collaboration from Japan Innovation Network (JIN) and UNDP, is a ground-breaking open innovation platform that sees innovation opportunities in tackling the SDGs.

In order to achieve both this mission and opportunity, SHIP connects global issues and needs with the technologies and know-how of the private sector through its unique digital platform.

For the first time, this year SHIP is introducing the:" Japan SDGs Innovation Challenge for UNDP Accelerator Labs" in collaboration with UNDP.

Five UNDP accelerator labs (India, Malawi, Philippines, Turkey, and Vietnam) have identified an issue related to the SDGs, and defined opportunities for a solution, making up each country's challenge. These have been presented by the A-labs to an audience from the Japanese private sectors in October 2020, calling for different proposals to solve the challenge through the use of Japanese companies' know-how and technologies.

The deadline for application has been reached as of today 11/18/2020 and the challengers for each A-lab will be announced shortly. Each challenger will collaborate with the A-labs they have been selected for, and they will jointly build a business model, and value realization proposition for March 2021.

The Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is the perfect occasion to celebrate such initiatives blossoming around the world , bridging private sectors, civil society, and international organizations, to creatively solve the issues faced by our societies and planet while simultaneously building a prosperous and sustainable future for people and businesses!





Tristan Bili

Project Manager | Japan Innovation Network

Project Manager @ Japan Innovation Network