User Frustrations as Opportunities

Activity Description

METTA Nairobi is hosting an event on the topic of utilizing user frustrations as opportunities whereby you use your skills and technical capabilities to solve them. User frustrations are an excellent source of new product ideas, any business opportunity starts with a good understanding of the current or potential user of a product. As a techprenuer, one needs to understand what problems the user faces, and how one can use their skills and technical capabilities to solve them. It is critical to keep those two aspects of developing a new opportunity apart. We are glad to team up with Moringa School to run this workshop. Moringa School is an outcomes-based education institution, with the vision to scale high-quality training across the African continent through their top-quality teachers, effective teaching model, and partnership with Hack Reactor, a top Silicon Valley coding school. Their aim is to create world-class developers here in Africa. The workshop will aim to cover the following: How to identify what problem one is solving for their user What frustrations do users experience with current solutions? Identifying how users are presently solving their problems Are there better ways to solve the user's problem? What skills are required to do so? What differentiates your solution from available ones in the existing market  Your solution needs to be a significant improvement over the solutions currently available to users on the market. This workshop will provide the right tools to attain this. We look forward to seeing you, RSVP to secure your spot.